Our Services

Occupied Homes

Staging Consultation & Written Action Plan
We personally meet with the homeowners and their real estate agent to view the exterior and interior of the home.  We
take digital photographs of the home before any staging takes place.  After touring the property and within 24 business
hours, we provide the homeowners and their agent with a detailed Written Report that provides the homeowners with all
the information necessary to make changes and properly stage their home inside and outside.  We also provide the
sellers with a checklist of all things that need to be done prior to showing their home.  This checklist includes daily “to
do’s”….just in case a showing happens at the last minute.   After the homeowners do the staging, I will return to the
home to fine-tune any areas.  At this time, I take “staged” photos.  The staged photos are provided to the homeowners
and agent for use in MLS or other marketing materials for the home.  
$150 – Home up to 1,500 sq ft
$200 – Home up to 2,000 sq ft
$300 – Home up to 3,000 sq ft
$350 – Home up to 3,500 sq ft
$500 – Home over 3,500 sq ft

Hands on Home Staging
Hands on Staging usually happens if the homeowners are limited by time or unable to complete the staging
recommendations from the Written Action Plan.   We can do as little or as much as the client wants.  We can stage an
entire home or select rooms that will provide the largest impact.  We also provide exterior or “curb appeal” staging
work.  We are very resourceful in trying to use the homeowners’ current belongings and decor in the staging of the
home.  We also have inventory and can place our decorative accessories in the home for an additional rental fee.   
Fees:  $100 hourly.  
This fee is in addition to the Staging Consultation & Written Action Plan fee.  50% of the total fee is due on
the first visit.  The remaining 50% balance is due and payable upon completion of the home staging.

Vacant Homes

We visit the vacant home and assess the staging needs which can include rental of furniture.  We will take digital
photographs of the home.  After an assessment is complete, we will provide the homeowners and their agent with a
written Bid for Staging Services.   The Bid includes estimates for hands on interior and exterios staging and cost of
furniture rental, if necessary.  
Fees:  Vary according to needs of client.

Broker/Open House

We provide services for your Open House.  These services include the following:

~Set up for the Open House of snacks and drinks for the attendees
~All paper products, including cups, plates and serving utensils
~Fresh flowers or other themed décor
~Place Open House signs provided by agent in appropriate areas to attract visitors
Fees:  $150
Additional Services:  
Staging Professional who is also a Realtor will stay for the Open House and professionally handle
all guests and inquiries.  The Staging Professional will direct all leads to the Listing Agent and provide potential leads
with the Listing Agent’s contact information.  $30 hourly (minimum of 3 hours).  

Please be aware all Fees are due and payable on the day of service, unless otherwise listed.  We accept
Personal Checks, Money Orders and Cash.