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As all sellers and real estate agents know, timing is everything.  Set the stage early for your home sale by creating excitement
and interest in your home.  By staging, de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home, buyers can envision their family and
belongings in your home.  

As Barb Schwarz, founder of stagedhomes.com says, “The way you live in your home and the well you sell your house are 2
different things.”  When sellers are ready to go, their home becomes their house – a product for sale.  Buyers need to be able
to mentally “move-in” upon viewing your house and make it their home.  A lot of buyers cannot visualize the way your house
will be for them.  Staging allows the buyers to visualize living in your house.     

Benefits of working with me

•        I am a licensed Realtor® who knows first-hand the return on investment of home staging.  I understand from a real
estate point of view the work necessary to sell a house.  Through my own experiences, I hope to create a smooth and easy
transaction for my clients.  I want them to be PROUD of their homes and listings as they are a reflection of you and your

•        Home Staging can create a 5% sales price increase or 5% less price reduction.*

•        Home Staging can provide up to 50% less time on market for your home.*

•        76% of real estate agents recommend staging for 169% return on investment (based on investment of $212 - $1,089
with increase of sales price of $2,275 - $2,841).*

•        Staging allows your house to shine above the competition.

•        Buyers, Agents and Appraiser know what they see.  A staged home can add value to the bottom line.

•        Staged homes appear more appealing in photos and on-line listings.  In this market, 70% of buyers look on-line before
viewing properties in person.  A staged home will appeal to more buyers.

•        It is all about “curb appeal”.  Staging the landscaping and exterior of your home will draw in more buyers.  Sellers and
agents want buyers to have a warm and fuzzy feeling as the pull up and enter the house.

•        Decrease your stress level by hiring me to help you prepare your home for a successful and quick sale.  I will take care
of the details so you can focus on your life.

What Does Staging Cost Me?

Home staging costs less than you think.  The cost of home staging adds value to the sales price of your home and almost
always is less than your first price reduction. Consider the cost as an investment in one of your largest investments, your
home.  The investment depends on the services you choose.  We can provide as little or as much as the client wants.  We
work in steps and charge according to the steps.  We offer everything from consultations and written plans for sellers to
hands-on staging.   The investment differs for occupied and vacant homes.  
*Information and Statistics provided by stagedhomes.com

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